RoadHog Full bOar -Faders and Cues issue

AruvinAruvin Registered User
Running latest version on 02 console, Net#1 and Net #2, both running server and connected to the same show file and dp.

encounter a few times when I start up, fader values not responding and faders movement not connected to the other console. have to restart console and it work again. (Btw, I started console Net#1 before Net#2 to connect to show) Ifader goes cues thou even it is showing 0% on the choosen master.

Cues.. sometime I gt missing cues, cant find on the choosen master and not even the cuelist. it just somehow get deleted. ( I am very sure I save the show with the cues in it, cuz its not the first time it happen.) the weird thing is the missing cues is not the last that I program.

Btw, 02 operators are running the console, using different fixtures and page thou. But we are sure we did not delete each other stuff.

Anyone encounter the same problem as me? :dunno:


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited May 2014
    Which Software version are you on?
  • AruvinAruvin Registered User
    edited May 2014
    MLorenz wrote: »
    Which Software version are you on?

    Fullboar 4 Version 2.2.0 on all.
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