Problems with Effects on Hog4

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after I switched from Hog3 to Hog4, i’ve got some issues with Effects on Hog4. If I have an Effect with 2 or more Attributes in Cue 1, in Cue 2 i switch off the Effect for one or more Attribute, copy Cue 1 to Cue 3, in Playback the third Cue looks not like Cue 1. Seems like the Attributes are not in sync. For example: Cue 1, changing Color red to blue, all CMY Values at 50 percent, Effecttable “step”, all same speed, size 50, offset for cyan at zero degree, magenta and yellow at 180 degree. In second cue, changing Color from red to yellow, hardvalues for Cyan at 0, Magenta 50, Yellow at 100, switch off effect for cyan and yellow, magenta effectvalues like cue 1. After that copy Cue 1 to Cue 3. When I playback the Sequence, Cue 1 is shown fine, also Cue 2, but if I playback Cue 3 or go backwards from Cue 2 to Cue 1, the Attributes are not in sync. It depends on when you press go, in the right moment you get red to blue, if not you have congo to yellow or a colorful effect. Looks like when the effect for cyan and yellow is restarted, it’s not in sync with magenta. I tested this with Hog4 pc and 2 RoadHog4 in V.2.2.0 and 2.1.2. In Hog3, everything worked fine. It doesn’t matter if it’s tracked sequence or not, doesn’t matter what kind of fixure or attributes. The workaround for Colors is to use CMY in Cue 1 and in second Cue Hue and Saturation. But with Intensity and Movmenteffects, there is no known workaround for me. Would you please check this and tell me if I ‘m doing something wrong or it’s something with the software.

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  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
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    There is already a posting here about this. If I find it I will post the link
    This has something to do with the timers in the Efx Engine.

    Workaround: try to work with Hue and Saturation for your Colors or make a cue with a fixed color in between the cues with the color efx
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