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mikeyraymikeyray Registered User
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Righto advise please. So i have 2 pc's networked all fine however when i log into show On second pc it takes over my faders i have tried different console numbers and turning server off , no change bit of a pain as i have cues and htp faders so setting virtual fader defaults effects them either way , basically i want to log in and out multiple times during the day without effecting the main console


  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
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    I just tested this with two PC's (and FB's) and the PC that logged on second always matched the fader level of the show that was logged on first.

    Do you have any wings attached?
    Anything else on your network?
  • mikeyraymikeyray Registered User
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    main console is a Nano
    back up is laptop with nothing bar a single widget ,nothing else on network
    works ok if Im console 2 and server on laptop but client number 2 or server 1 still plays havoc
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