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I would appreciate any help as I have 4 DL2's coming in from service with various faults.
The first reported fault is one fixture will not play back the customers video content the report is "content not encoded properly". Is there a specific format for the video files? and does this vary between versions of the software?

Second cust reported fault is, Operating system will not load, is there a boot command not functioning , or is the hard drive corrupted?

third reported fault is USB initialize error, unit will not respond to DMX.

fourth fault, after boot up display ceases to work.

I have not seen these fixtures yet, but would appreciate any pointers before they arrive, many thanks in advance.


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    Hi Richard,

    Regarding customer User Content. Please see the link below to the Custom Content Preparation Guide. This page will answer any content encoding questions as it relates to ensuring custom content is encoded to spec for the fixture.


    When you say the OS will not load, can you be more specific? Does the internal media server power ON? Does the BLUE LED on the fixture ever turn ON? If yes, what do you see happening on the display during the boot process?

    The USB INIT ERROR is caused when the 'Box' Card is not detected by the media server. I would try re-seating the USB connection on the 'Box' Card as well as re-seating (or re-arrange) the USB connections on the internal media server. Keep in mind that if the server is still not detecting the 'Box' Card, it may be faulty. Try swapping with a known working fixture.

    When you say the display doesn't work, what does that mean? you no longer are about to see the menu? OR you are not able to navigate using the buttons? If you cannot see the menu, try re-seating the VIVO Connector coming from the video card of the media server.
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