3.2.6 Software and Pathport OCTO

floridaskyefloridaskye Registered User
I have a Road Hog Full Boar running 3.1.9 currently that I want to upgrade to 3.2.6. The board is running hog net and fixture net through a set of Pathport OCTOs that are connected via a standard network hub. I had no part in the setup as I took over the venue after the initial install. I'm used to working with the Board and the DP in which case you have to upgrade the software on both models.

I want to make sure that doing a software upgrade isn't going to kill the boards ability to talk to the network. Has anyone else run into this setup or had any trouble with 3.2.6 and non hog artnet products?



  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited April 2014
    This will be all fine
    The only thing you need to reconfigure is the IP-Setting of your console, as an upgrade from 3.1.9 to 3.26 will require a full-install.
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