Slow performance

reifaelreifael Registered User
edited March 2014 in Light Converse
-mac book pro/bootcamp windows 7
- fullboar 4 OS 2.1.2
- LC 55 (latest release)
- hog 4 pc 0S 2.1.2
- hog connect 2.1.2

- last year OS 1.6.1 (i think), i programmed a festival using lightconverse, everything was fine

- today, i opened the file again, try to prepare it for the same festival this year, but now, some fixtures (par cans !!) react very slow

- movings and 8-lights react immediatly

- tried to install all components again...same result

ideas ?!


  • RANDELLRANDELL Registered User
    Never had this problem with Light Converse, even when I was using v55 on the design level licence.
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Which framerate does LC show?
    What does happen if you replace the par-can with a blinder?
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