Touchscreen Bug

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I do have to say I'm pretty frustrated with this bug...


FB4 Latest Release Build
Holding list in list directory on left internal screen and pressing any of the list options in the list toolbar on the bottom right screen causes the left touchscreen to scroll downward not allowing user to choose a list option...

Repro.... (Obviously, user must use touchscreens)

1. patch a show with any fixtures

2. make a view that has list directory on left screen and programmer on right screen.

3. Record 2 cues in list one

4. On the touchscreen and in the list directory, press and hold list 1 to access the list options toolbar on the bottom right screen. Now try to press any of the list options soft keys in the options toolbar. As soon as you do, the left touchscreen will scroll up and you will fail at selecting a soft list option.

I have confirmed this happens with the scene directory as well.


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
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    this might be due the reason that mulittouch is still not working. So it is kind of a bug...
    You try to touch 2 points at the same time
    Impossible with a single touch screen, had this on a Roadhog. Ok just one screen, but for the pointing device (which a touchscreen is) the two screens are just on big canvas
  • Buzz313thBuzz313th Registered User
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    Thanks Marc...
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