Hog 3 support?

Harri PeltonenHarri Peltonen Registered User
Hi all,

I was wondering if Hog 3 is going to have any software update in the future?
We have spend about 100000$ to Hog consoles in last six years and I feel that 3.2.6 had too many bugs when product line was discontinued.
I am not asking for new features but think that critical bugs should be still fixed.

Here is list what I would like to have fixed:

1. Some parameters may not be recorded
When recorded or merged/updated sometimes all the values changed in the programmer are not recorded in the cue. If I press undo and record again it does record them all. There is some kind of uncertainty in recording process.

2. Finnish keyboard does mess caracters
Nordic letters such åöä are typed every third time when pressed. Two other times typing will result some other letters or marks.
Keyboard used to work fine but after some update problem started.

3. Default fade time when merging cue
When merging/updating cue new parameters have default fade time even when there is another fade time set for the cue. This is very annoying specially when using complex timings in the cues.
This has been forever and if it can not be fixed for Hog 3 hopefully at least in Hog 4.

4. Mark does not work properly.
Mark cue does interfere on going fade. It is worst seen with media servers but also with other fades.

For my opinion Hog 3 is still the best console for some places, it is totally quiet, compact, light weight and really clear to operate.

Thanks of reading this far...

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