Recording Pallet issues

TBabcockTBabcock Registered User
I have a RoadHog 4 when I goto record a pallet, lets say position and thats the only thing I have changed. I hit record and everytime the time and effect highlights. I have locked out everything but position and it still highlights it.
Any help????:confused:


  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited March 2014
    Hi Todd, that is normal as Position has a Time and possibly Effect assigned to it. It will not do anything to the palette unless you press them and get them to tun blue. You can also set what you want to record in each palette from the Permissions. At the top of the directory windows are the letters IPCBETL. Press them and an options box will open where you can select what is automatically saved in the palette.
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