Problem adding new lib files to Wholehog2

asia559571asia559571 Registered User
edited March 2014 in Misc. Discussion
Hi to All. I am trying to update the Fixtures List on our Wholehog 2 console, (OS:V3.3 177), Rom Library:V5.4.
I have started a New Show and saved the show to floppy as directed by the High end Product Support, (link;, I've followed the instructions, using Notpad++ and using a library file found here;
When I load the edited show back into the console I get the following message: "The file is incompatible with this version of the software. Load has aborted.
Please can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong.
Also is their a more recent updated library file containing the newer Clay Paky fixtures and the JB Lighting JBLED A7 Zoom, will I need to request this. Many Thanks in advance and Kind Regards! :hogsign:
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