how Apply Palettes a fade time?

chetan16inchetan16in Registered User
Hi, i would like to apply a fade time to a palettes -position / Color
so in live i can choose 2s or 3s fade to apply a palette on stage .

i dont figure out how can i do this in Full Boar 4. pls help


  • MarcoMarco Registered User
    edited March 2014
    Set your programmer in "Blind", enter your values and press then Pig and Blind.

  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited March 2014
    If you want to do use it without blind click the "FADE CHANGES" option in the programmer window.

    Then you can set timing like POS TIME 2 or POS TIME TIME 2 COLOR TIME 2, etc etc
    Like if you want to store these in a cue. Then apply a position or color and the selected fixtures will fade
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