Changing gobos\colour over time

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Hi there,

The question i'm having is in regards to my using Elation's Platinum Spot 5R fixture on our RH4.

Currently we're working on a lot of intimate rock venues where its desirable to go from one gobo or colour effect to the other over time. As it currently stands, whether I do it through a multi step cue or from the scenes, the programmer, or palettes. There is no way to make the fixtures scroll to the next effect, they only snap from one to the other.

I tried to do some workings around in the edit fixture settings in the patch window and see that the colours and gobos are defined as 'slot' fixtures.

Now I've seen in other posts, where people have requested this maneuverability to apply within effects, that the answers have been this is a fixture related problem. This actually is not the case, as I can with the colour wheel take my blue from 'blue-15%' to 'blue+15%' as I can with any colour.

If possible would the ability to create a 'beam time' parameter if only just to cues as is seen with the Prego and ETC consoles of the theatre world.



  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited February 2014
    There are two options:

    * It might be possible that the fixture can only snap from one gobo/color to the next

    * If the fixture can scroll from one gobo to the next you only need to change the path for your gobo/color from start to fade and enter a fade time for beam or color
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