2 and 3 colour fade effects

ChamhogChamhog Registered User

Does anyone know how to do a Color Fade -effect without having WHITE between colours?

In Chamsys it's possible to do 2 and 3 colour CMY fades easily. In Hog 4 I can create fade between two colours which are next to each other (e.g. red + magenta) in the colour circle by using correct degrees in hue and saturation parameters and 'sine' in table column.

But if I want to do red-blue fade without white, how should I do that? I know it's possible with 'snap' or 'step' but is fading possbile?

Thanks! Hopefully I made my question clear


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited February 2014
    Same way...

    Set the base value to Hue 300° Saturation 100%
    Effect Sine on Hue with a size of 60°
    Do fanning if needed, thats it....
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