hog 4 pc server time out and other network problems

Strobie1Strobie1 Registered User
edited February 2014 in Hog 4 Networking Help
what causes the server to time out or not load at start up?

what causes the server to start up ok, then constantly connect and disconnect?

what would case hog to not output any dmx even tho the server, dp and console shows it is working normally?

last week i got all these problems occurring at once or if i did a re boot, id get one or not the other. if i plugged in my cat 5 to allow artnet, hog 4 would crash and would fail to boot again. if i could get it to boot and still had the cat 5 connected, the server and or dp would stop running and reseting would not fix the problem. other times it would run normally for a duration of time, then the network would fall over?

any ideas?
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