V2.1.1 b556 dmx bug and copying bug

JayJayJayJay Registered User, Hog Beta
Just had a few issues with the new software release while in programming.
I startet out with a show created in v2.1.0.

I have a couple of Robe ColorSpot 700, RGBWs, Robin 600 LED, robin 600E.
After patching i realized that some of the ColorSpot 700 and RGBs (all on Universe 1) were not responding properly. Some Robe did not Pan or Tilt or were pointing in the wrong direction although the "edit fixture" sheet had the right values.Some RGBWs didn't react as well.
Then i took a look into the dmx sheet and realized that some value fields were empty with no digit inside.
I selected all adresses and overwrote the fields with 255 and returned by choosing the HogNet input.
Then suddenly all fields which were blank before showed the right value (eg 127 for Pan).
I never had this before.

Second issue:
I started to copy values from a group of ColorSpot 700 to another group 700's.
That didn't work at all. As i can remember right only the intensity values were copied. The rest didn't copy.

Then i downgraded to 2.1.0 ;(
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