DL1 fans

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Ive been reliably informed that its possible to change the fan speed on a DL1 to make it quieter (dont ask me about the resulting heat issues....)

Can someone tell me where the fan speed settings are in a DL1 - we are running software version 1.5.0 and there are no menus for fan speed. Are they on the DMX profile?? - if so - can someone supply me with a fixture profile that includes it

It has been told to me that its under the set parameters menu on the DL1 - but its not - neither is it in the projector's own menu

If u could get back to me ASAP I'd appreciate it




  • joe_hallerjoe_haller Registered User, HES Staff
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    Mr P,
    Sorry to say that there is no fan speed settings. The fans are controlled by the processor. They will vary according to temp. levels.
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