Chase and other effects DURING a cue?

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I did some studying on creating a chase. Using the Hog4 Help, I discovered creating a chase from a cuelist in the Options menu. The chase runs through the cuelist.

I was wondering if that meant that a chase HAD TO BE an entire cuelist
It seems a bit extreme, not to be able to have the chase as an Effect during a single cue, or upon pressing FLASH or something on a master.

I am basically thinking through possible doing a chase either through an entire song, or during a certain part of the song.


  • inthe128inthe128 Registered User, Hog Beta
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    When you select this option then the cue list becomes a chase, its speed and crossfade you can adjust pressing the choose button.

    If you want part of a cue list to become a chase, then you could use insert link option which allows you to loop some cues with options how to jump put of that, maybe a go push or it counts 10 times etc.

    Something like insert link in cue 14 and have it link back to cue 11. The make 11 thru 14 follow cues, that allows you to have more complex timing in those cues.

    If you require a more standard timing then I would say making a chase on its own and just just macro that into the main list and a macro to release it when done is a simple thing to do.

    I use the first option if that sequence of cues that need different timings within the loop or the second option if the sequence of cues is a normal chase, by that I mean 4 steps with the same time.
  • FlyingPigPhotographyFlyingPigPhotography Registered User
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    I think I got the basics of what you've suggested. At least I know I need to study about insert links and macros. Thanks for your help : )
  • inthe128inthe128 Registered User, Hog Beta
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    I would take some time to look at the cue list window, look at the window itself, look at the cells in the cue list window and open them up, like wait cell, its got a lot of stuff to help execute cues. The fade and delay columns should make sense, but paths is worth a long look, I use them a lot. The mark window can help with setting lamps up in position, beam, colour, can be useful. The macro window once open will show many opens that will again help you understand the console and how it can work for you.

    Have look along the top of the window, you have been into options, but look at the over stuff, once you understand the meaning of this window, you will find your own workflow, how you want to do things.

    Record options is also a good place to see how the desk can help you, as you know the console is a tracking console, so always good to understand "cue only" which is turning forward off in the desk and how to remove cue information is a good one to understand, consider terms like blocking cues. Understanding what you should do before pressing record means you are not editing the next cue or further down the list.
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