Effect Size problem

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Hey all!

Ive been having a bit of a hunt around on the forum, but im pretty sure my problem isn't so much a problem as just a way the Effects engine works..

My problem is that when i set my Begin and End parameters to 0% and 400% respectively, the Size param sets to 200%.

I record the effect and when I go to run the effect The Begin and End Params are at -200% and 200%..

Is their a work around to this or is that just something ill have to put up with?

Many Thanks,



  • CazzumCazzum Registered User
    edited February 2014
    Anyone had any luck or can tell me that its impossible?

    I've been trying for probably way to long but 'm not confident enough on the HOG to tell myself its impossible..
  • CazzumCazzum Registered User
    edited March 2014
    It's unfortunate I wasn't able to get any information on the issue.

    I'd like to let the good people at HES know that it should be looked at tho. When creating an effect, the effect I created is the effect I want to record.
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