500+ RGB Channels console becomes un-responsive.

bockingbocking Registered User
Working on a Road Hog 4 with 11 streams of RGB patched on a DP8000 the console was erratic and very unresponsive. Tried changing variables but ultimately reduced channels down to 6 streams and struggled on with poor performance. (Trouble 'sucking' into programmer, merging into palettes produced a copy instead, updating or merging cues might leave activity outputting after Clear/Pig Release) Reset console or DP and problem clear. Merged cues correct etc.
On return to base I started a new blank show on a Full Boar 4 with no network looking for the problem again. With 1000 RGB cells in fixture schedule and 3 streams patched the desk slowed down and started having trouble. Patch them all and the console performance v. poor.
I spoke to Belgium office who thought there's a Beta fix coming; Can this be confirmed?
Whilst I was problem [not!] solving I found de-selecting Artnet outputs (and applying) did not kill the outputs, so streams greyed out in Artnet settings still had output. Is this correct/Can someone check this out?

PS I was uni-casting to specific IP's (2.0.0.xxx) after trying Broadcast & Console had static Hog Net IP's in the 172 range.
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