Hog4 PC Windows 7 Install Issues

r-youngr-young Registered User
I seem to be having trouble installing Hog4 2.1.0 on Windows 7. I previously has 1.0.0 installed, when I attempted to upgrade I got almost all the way through the install, and when it got to the fixture library the install aborted and uninstalled everything. Now I can't install any version of Ho4 PC on this computer.

Any Suggestions?

BTW No antivirus software, and UAC is turned off. I am logged in as the administrator.




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    Hi Ryan,

    Try using the Microsoft Installer Clean Up Utility.

    Download and install the following:

    Run the Windows Installer Clean Up Utility from the Windows Start Menu.

    Select the HOG 4PC from the list and click Remove.

    Download the recent version of Hog 4PC and run the install.

    Hope this helps,
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