Fixture Problems

Andy LD1Andy LD1 Registered User
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I have a DL-1 with issues. If I try to fire the lamp from the console, I get a No Projector Communication Message. When I fire the lamp manually from the fixture control, it starts to fire the turns off after 2 seconds, and has no error message. The DL-1 is very clean, no filter issues, and I have reseated the filters, and reset the menu to new filter.


  • mehrzad_moosavimehrzad_moosavi Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited August 2005
    If there was a lamp explosion in this projector, then there maybe some glass debris stuck in one of the seven fans. If not there maybe a power supply issue. Remove the projector form DL1 (refer to instructions)
    and try to power it up on it's own. If the projector doesn't strike, it needs to come back to Highend.
  • Andy LD1Andy LD1 Registered User
    edited August 2005
    I pulled the projector out, and it fired right up. So I putit back in the DL-1, and now it's working fine. There were no loose connection to be found, and I had reseated all of the connectors on the show site. I hate gremlins, lol.
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