Nanohog 4 Purchasing Question

jimbobbrownjimbobbrown Registered User
Hey, I'm wanting to buy a Nano hog 4 soon, but had a question before doing so. As far as DMX output goes, are there any outputs built in? Or do I have to buy the widget to accompany? If I do have to buy a widget, does it have to be the super widget, or can it be the single universe widget?



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    Jim there are two slots that can accept a super widget in each, you can have a standard super widget in 1 slot or 1 in each or you can have a timecode widget and a standard super widget. You would need to wait for someone else to answer the single universe question but I can tell you financially you are better off to go with a super widget.
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  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
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    You can have single widget as well.
    But this would be then external. Only the superwidget is available for internal installation.
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