Road Hog 4 - MIDI Timecode via Hog4PC

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I'm about to program a show at a venue that just purchased a Road Hog 4 and a DP8000. I've previously used the Hog 3 line and the Hog4PC software, but this will be my first experience with any Hog 4 hardware. The installation is still ongoing, so I don't have access to the console to try this until a couple days before the show.

I am stuck without a LTC/MIDI widget for at least the first show. However, the venue has a data server which is dedicated to data conversion, including outputting MIDI timecode over the network from LTC. Hog4PC running on another machine on the network receives and can follow the timecode just fine (via rtpMIDI). I'm expecting that if I connect the Hog4PC software to the the Road Hog 4 show once I can do that, the timecode will show up on the real console as well. Does this sound correct?

There's also a physical MIDI output available, but I'm also expecting that I can't use the M-Audio UNO on the Road Hog 4 like was possible on the Road Hog. I haven't seen anything that said that won't work, but I haven't seen anything that said it would either. My guess is that using that device was dependent on the XP-Embedded platform, so would no longer be an option, but I'd be happy to be wrong on this one.

Thanks for any confirmations or suggestions that can be provided. I know it'd be much easier if I could just give it a try, but I don't have that ability just yet.


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    The M-Audio Uno will work with the Road Hog 4. All General Midi Devices that work without installing a driver work with the HOG4-Range.
    Just used a 2x2 Midisport with a RH4 without any problems.

    When you connect the HOG4PC to you network you can choose the timecode source connected to your PC-System also on your RH4.

    LTC/MIDI Widget can also be connected to the DP8K. With HOG4-OS you are capable of running up to 8 timecode sources per DP8K
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