DL-3F: proj comm error

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Projector answers to remout control, so it is alive. Physical connectors are secured.
DL-3 answers to HOG4 commands, even shows content to built in display, but not via Proj.
What can be a source of the ERROR?
P.S. rebooting, reset to factory defaults - have no effect.
I could start a show with this error after manual powering projector by remote control, but projector doesn't power up via DMX command.


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    Does the fixture work when you put it into Video Self-Test?

    In addition to Factory Defaults, have you also run Projector Defaults, on SET > PROJECTOR? This take about 2-4 mins, and there is no status. Just select the option and allow the fixture to sit idle for a few mins.

    Hope this helps,
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    Thanks a lot for the immediate response!

    --Self-video doesn't play, untill l manually power proj. On.

    --I pushed Reset on the backside of the proj., after powering it by separate power cord and turning it on by remote control. Reset was done, but proj. Led still flashing...

    Tomorrow i will make it more intelligent way - via menu, as you just suggested :-)

    So, i will post the results here.
    Thank you again!
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    OK - now error dissapears!

    1. Local menu on the Front panel of DL-3:



    2. Power off.

    3. POWER ON.


    Thanks a lot, Mr. p_hancock - it was the best Xmas present :friday:
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