Copy cues from one list to another

Tnsquint1Tnsquint1 Registered User
"Back in the Hog 2 days" one could copy cues from one list to another by simply pressing CHOOSE of the destination to append a series of cues to the end of that list. I have used this functionality extensively when creating a master cue list for an event such as an awards show or corporate event. That way I can create segments easily as their own lists (emcee segments, songs, drama segments, video b-roll, etc.) as they are rehearsed and then assemble them into a final master list once the producers have determined a run of show.

This used to be as simple as placing the individual cue list on a fader (let's say fader 2) while the master list is placed on master 1. We will also assume the list on fader 2 has 10 cues in it. I believe the syntax should be:

CUE 1 > 10 COPY and then simply press the CHOOSE key for fader 1.

Currently the syntax is:

CUE 1 > 10 COPY 1/xxx

You either have to know the physical cue numbers in question or assign a cue number that is higher than the last cue in the list. That is four or more keystrokes involving some additional operator thought as opposed to one keystroke that requires no additional information.


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