need help!got an 'emulator' from '93 and need a program

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Hello from Germany. First, sorry i didn't found a other subforum which fits to my problem so i posted it here.
A friend of mine bought 4 'emulator' and a controller.
A dude which has damn more knowhow of the great Highend Systems stuff programmed 50 pages into that controller. So one Party the System crashed (a power blackout was the cause afaik). Anyway we think the Pages or how its called got deleted. He said one can choose the single Pages but the Emulators act as if the Pages were empty.
Now i shall program these devices new. According to the Manual from 1993 the Program can be copied on Pcmcia Cards and also on the PC. Well times have changed and we use Win XP or whatever nowadays.
So can u (or do you know anyone or an organisation) which can help me with a
-german translation of this manual
-the cause of the deleted pages (can it be solved?)
-or does anyone have a well created program or where can i get those
I have a Laptop wth a pcmcia drive and also pcmcia cards.

The manual also says there's a way of changing the program by changing an eprom.

Please help me. I'm at my wit's end.
Sorry 4 my crappy english i'm just in 11th grade,


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    I'm new here I was wondering I just bought 4 of these Emulators and the LED controller (so you have to reprogram the eprom) does anyone have programs for the controller to upload I would like to test it out and learn.
    Thank you so much ,
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    If you can find a ram card that works. I havent seen one that works in years. :dunno: Even the ones I have gotten from the factory have had bad batteries because of when they were made. (over 10 years ago) Putting in a new battery isnt that easy either, and even then it still might not work.:no:
    Someone did make a DMX to HES converter that ran them well, but I havent seen one in quite a while. If there are any Yoda Don will know who might have one.

    On the good side e-proms are still available!!:D
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    Doen't HES have a backup program for the rack-mount controllers. I seem to remember hooking up via serial cable and downloading to a PC years and years ago??:dunno:
  • teericksonteerickson Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Yes. There were a couple of pieces of software used for backing up LWR controllers. The first that I was aware of was ibb, which was eventually replaced by lwbackup.exe. I believe the backup process was detailed in most of the controller manuals. I know it's in the Intellabeam LED controller manual (Section 6 - External Memory Storage and Transfer), because I happen to have one here.

    I hope this helps.
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    I just stepped through your issue with the Emulator.
    Sorry, I don't have a german language Manual, BUT I can offer a german translation of the HES Universal Controller, which at least gives good descriptions of functionality.

    This might help getting around with the Emulator Controller, too.

    With best regards

    Ruediger Haeming
    ARCUS GmbH
    Distributor of HES/FPS in Germany
    Obermeiers Feld 2-4
    33104 Paderborn

    Tel. +49-5254-930690
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