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So my dilemma, as well as others I'm sure, is that I need 10 more faders. I really don't want to spend another $6K to get a playback wing, the hog 3 USB wing is in such high demand it's almost impossible to find and if you do find one the price has been inflated so much because they know it's best alternative and high end is the worst about playing well with others and allowing devices to be connected or dmx pass through. What's a guy to do??? I can't be the only person ready to pull my hair out over the lack of compatibility with other systems. I get it, you want people to buy your products. The problem is I'm becoming less and less turned on with hog as others like GMA work to interface with other things. What can I do to rectify my situation without breaking the bank?

While I'm at it, I really think it's pretty ridiculous to not allow Hog PC to use encoders from an iPad with touch OSC. Why high end? Why?


  • Ben_TaylorBen_Taylor Registered User
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    But on a side note i do agree, a simple fader wing really wouldn't go a miss!
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    Hi Zach,
    Can I ask what you need an additional 10 faders for?
    Would the use of scenes as virtual playbacks help in any way to free up some console faders?
    I presume you know you can record over the grand master on a full-size console to get an additional fader?
    I have always found the more time you program the less faders are required,I suppose it depends on the type of events you are operating

    Hardware will always cost money and I suppose it depends how much you need those additional faders that determines the price point at which you are willing to purchase.

    Hope you work it out.
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
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    There are many used playback-wings around. Check gearsource or also a lot of wings around here.
    I know PreWorks in Austria has also an X-Wing for sale.

    I understand that encoders and faders are blocked when no hardware is used, the software is free... I think this explains it all... You want comfort when programming? Get hardware... So that the software could have further development.

    And there is more hardware to come from what I heard during LDI
  • michandrzmichandrz Registered User
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    Hog is actually pretty reasonable when it comes to hardware costs. Go look at GrandMA or ETC, you'll find the prices are right in line.

    Also if you need more banks you might want to look into macros. I could be wrong, but last time I checked you could write a macro to reassign a fader as-needed(IE a last cue).
  • Tnsquint1Tnsquint1 Registered User
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    Two suggestions; one for you and one for Highend:

    1.) I feel your pain at least on shows where there is a lot of busking to do or events that might require a lot of inhibitive masters. Make sure you only use faders for for intensity cues. I run busking shows with all of my touch screens as unguarded list directories which leaves me plenty of real estate (especially on the 4 platform) for tons of color looks, positions, beams and intensity effects. On a HOG 4 that is over 300 cues instantly available before you consider external monitors or changing the view. I find this to work really well.

    2.) For the developers, can we consider implementing the DMX capture functionality of the HOG 2? While this was kind of awkward to get set-up correctly (by setting maximum bump/flash levels) it was a really cheap way to add 24 fader stacks if I recall correctly. It is certainly not as cool and elegant as wings so I don't know that this would cut into sales, but it sure worked in a pinch. Pull out the board tape.....
  • barnes2000barnes2000 Registered User, Hog Beta
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    Why don't you use the Playback layout for the Touch OSC app on the iPad? That gives you 20 more playbacks.
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
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    I think lot of people like the HOG OS, but dont want to spent money on more hardware than a widget.
    But future development and so on can only be done if hardware is sold. So I understand all restrictions that are made to HOG PC
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