Syncing Clocks between Client and Server

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Back in Hog 3 days, you had said there was a bug with this.
I have a Hog4PC server with the date and time set correctly via Windows setting, and I have Hog4 console with a similar time. The times are not exactly synced though. Actually, the server laptop was on a different time zone, and I switched it to be the correct time and restarted it. So I had to manually fix the time to match the client console, but it isnt exactly synced.
The other weird part is, I tried setting a Clock Trigger on a cue. If I set the trigger from the server console to be 6pm, on the client it shows 11pm, even though both the server and client clocks are close to the same time.


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    Bringing attention to this annoyance again.

    Last project was about 6 independent tradeshow booths. Server was a Hog4PC 2.2.0 b633 connected to DP8Ks or widgets. All PC clocks were set to local time and time zone (EST)

    Programming was done on Road Hog 4, which I rolled around to each location and ran network cable to server. Console clock was set to local time. All clock time events triggers were programmed this way as well.

    As a result, on the Server PCs, all the clock events were off by 5hours. Once I realized this, I had to crawl into each booth and reset all of the triggers.

    Would it be possible to add a Time zone setting to the Road Hog console? Would this alleviate this? I realize now that I could set all the PCs to PST but that seems like a bandaid to the bigger problem and counter intuitive.
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    any thoughts?
    My idea of a clock trigger 'all upcoming events' window that I posted today in another thread would be a great double-check in the meantime.
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