Effect palette problem

SharpsynthSharpsynth Registered User
Hi there,

Had a serious problem when trying to build and effect off palette for my colorados;

Selected colorados [21 through enter] went into fx engine and set table to [stop] then recorded an effect.

Open + FX: all the colorados would be recorded having a [stop] table except for fixture (21) (It was not even present in the list). Tried repeating process a dozen times, with various filters. Tried editing the FX internally and updating, still would not take the effect.
The only workaround is I patched a ghost fixture of a different type so the board would default a 'global' palette to add the fixture, even then it was messy inside and had to edit internally and update.


  • Mike_AMike_A Registered User, Hog Beta, Distributors
    edited November 2013
    Record the fx palette "per fixture". The palette will appear greyed out like nothing is recorded, but it should work.
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