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Hi there,

Doing some 2.0 tests on my Hog4pc with Lightconverse before I get at\upgrade our RH4

First of all, had some serious connectivity problems with HogConnect and it not connecting to the virtual DP, i fixed this by going back to the V 1.2.1 of hog connect and it instantly connected

As for the effects engine, first of all I love the start,end,direction abilities!

Playing around I noticed some problems though, if I selected my rate(s) then pressed [set] and entered a value of 0 the fixtures stopped as they should, but if I then selected the 0 rate(s) and [set] then a value above 0 after I pressed [enter] the value stays at zero, BUT , if I used the rate encoder wheel the value would increase.

Also if I select any table, press [set] then Off, then [enter] the table value reads "off" but the effect is still running in the output and programmer, except neither displays show the effects symbol. Only that the values are increasing and decreasing as if I never selected "off" in the first place.

This might also be related but I was creating a effect palette that was a pan and tilt at table "off" (so as to stop any active movement effects) but when I click on it, the active pan and tilt tables remain on their original value. Yet if i create to effect palettes where one is set to "sine" and the other "tangent" the tables change without any problem.



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    Can you please further describe the issue with visualizer connectivity in v2.0.0? Happy to help troubleshoot and debug but I need to know the circumstances/symptoms of the failure.

    I see the problem with the rate value in the effects engine and also with turning effect off in the programmer. I will get bugs logged for those issues. As a workaround blinding/unblinding the current editor fixes the issue with effects turned off.
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    Hi Chris,

    I'll just repaste the issue as I had logged it in the networking thread.

    To clarify with visualizer connectivity I'm still running v2.0 of Hog4PC but I rolled back to 1.2.1. of the Hog Connectivity msi

    Hi there,

    Trying to run LightConverse internally on my Hog4PC before I can get to the office to test this on my RH4 but after I updated to Version 2, the Hog Visualizer window displays
    Status: Unable to connect to Wholehog
    Info: Couldn't connect to DP: error code 127

    To clarify I am running the visulizer internally on the same pc that Hog4PC is running on (I've used this pre V2 with no problems at all)

    I have also checked that Hog4PC is running Internal DP and that the net number is 1 and dp net number is matching console net number. Port 6600 is used on both the internal dp and visualizer window.

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