S-Video black and white.

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I have an issue with the s-video in. All seems to work well but one of our dl2 is in color and the other is in black and white. Pics looks ok. When the image is split you get a great stich but one color and one isn't. Thoughts please help have a gig on Friday if possible. Thinking reinstalling the software but then how do I get stock media back.:confused:

Both have the same settings on the hardware input screen and are both set to ntsc ml. I have changed the internal input leads and still black and white I have also plugged the svideo direct to the input and still no joy.


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    Hi Michael,

    There may be an issue with the VIVO connector. The VIVO connector is the one coming from the center port on the video card. One connector breaks-out into four connectors. you might simply try re-seating that connection. you also can swap with one of the know working working fixtures.

    I'm not confident re-installing the software will help in this instance, although you are always welcome to try. Re-installing software will NOT delete stock content.

    Hope this helps,
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    Already tried that. That was the internal connectors which I swapped. So I guess i would need to swap the graphic cards to make sure that they actual connector on the graphics card isn't the one which is broken. :Eyecrazy:. I was looking at a complete iso install. So that wont get rid of the stock content?
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    There is no customer option for a 'full' install of software. The the system restore only allows users to do a partial system restore to preserve stock content.
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    I found a second hand video card only for quiet cheap so I ordered it and it all now works.
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