Some odd issues since upgrading to RH4

lessergreaterlessergreater Registered User
Got a RH4, running shows built on IPC. Two of the biggest problems I'm finding is 1, if I "go" before an auto follow has completed, it jumps me to almost the end of the cuelist. This happened with 3 also, but I'm finding it to be even worse with 4. I was late on a cue, and the auto follow had ~3 seconds left to finish, so i wanted to advance and instead it jumped me from cue 284.4 all the way to cue 1300, although it didn't activate the cue...cue 284.5 was finally finishing it's auto follow, I was just visually lost in my cuelist, if I had pressed go, it would have started me at 1301, so I ended up missing quite a few cues scrolling trying to find out where I needed to be.

Problem #2, which I think is some feature that I may have messed with, but all of my intensity effects are "gone" in the show file. Only in this one file are they "gone". In order to make them show up in the show I need to grab all relevant fixtures and touch or suck. This isn't just isolated to the one cuelist, however, it's the entire show file. When I'm trying to build new effects(with nothing else activated), I now have to dial in an intensity first or the effect will never take. This never used to be the case, and still isn't on my other show files. The problem is, I cannot for the life of me find a setting/feature that allows for me to change this. Also, I can revert to a backup from a few days ago and it works just fine. So I'm trying to locate in the most recent show what went wrong rather than having to reprogram a scene in the old show.

All in All I'm very happy with the new board, looking forward to v2!


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
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    Try not to load the show direct in your RH
    Try to merge it, that would mean repatching, bust solves most problems
  • lessergreaterlessergreater Registered User
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    Just to follow up on my losing effects... apparently HTP was messing with it, my coworker had discovered this, although we're not 100% certain how that works. IIRC I've run intensity effects on HTP lists before. But that's how we fixed it. The link problems are still a nuisance but we've yet to try a merge/repatch as we are able to work around the link problems with "goto cue" at the problem areas.
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
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    Also after merging do a check integrity
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