cant Release cues

bassmanbassman Registered User
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Hi ,
I downloaded new Hog4 PC version and having some problem now ......I am using mostly Cue list .... When i touch cue than release baton, nothing happen ... I am having big problem with this .... some time I cant release nothing.... Only PIG/Release work ... thats only way to release cue. It is getting very frustrated.
Batons copy and move not working at all.:o

*Windows 8
*Touch screan
*Hog 4 PC ver 1.2....

Any suggestion ?


  • Buzz313thBuzz313th Registered User
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    If your using the touchscreen only to do multiple touchscreen inputs, then the reason it's not working is that H4PC does not yet support multitouch.

    You can use the syntax for a workaround, or include a hardware wing, then you won't have to rely on multitouch functionality.

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