Single USB DMX Widget

mobmuseummobmuseum Registered User
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Im having trouble installing this device on several laptops. I have one laptop that installed with no software and no issues and will controll the lights with no issues. The other machines which have same Windows 7 x64 says the widget is install in device manager but give an error saying the device is unplugged yet I can take that exact device and plug it into my laptop with no error. Anyone know any steps to try to resolve these issues? I have
-reinstalled HOG4 PC software
-Restarted the machine several time and connecting the widget after/before opening Hog software
-Updated Windows


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited September 2013
    Maybe the USB Port cant provide enough power to drive the widget?
    Have you tried with an active USB-HUB?
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