Why Cant i combine sACN + Hog net?

BakerboyBakerboy Registered User
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I understand why not to combine Art-net with anything, being a broadcast portal and going everywhere regardless of whether or not its wanted

But sACN is Multicast, it only goes where its needed.

The only reason i can come up with is if the network somehow overloaded, but if your using gigabit cable and high end switches you would have to have a lot of universes outputting, i havent done the maths but it would be in the hundreds.

In a theatre situation it can be hard to get 2 networks everywhere you want a console.

MA hvae their MAnet and sACN on the same NIC works a charm, why cant hog do it?



  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
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    It works....

    What is your problem... Artnet and sACN can be outputed at the same time.
    I only did it once to try, but Colin Wood had it running without any problems.
    Maybe ask him, nickname Firewood1
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