Digital Aerials example, step-by-step

reaganreagan Registered User, HES Alumni
edited January 2005 in DL.3/DL.2
Ever wonder how to create the digital aerials viewable in this DL.1 promo video?

1) choose music that suits your taste (optional)
2) play the following stock content files (found in the Lighting Optimized/001 Digital Aerials 1 content folder that ships with Catalyst) through Catalyst and a DL1 with some fog:
start-0:45 use 065 0:59-1:39
0:46-2:21 use 065 0:00-1:39
2:22-4:35 use 064 0:00-2:13
4:36-4:44 use 064 0:00-00:07

You can see what these stock content files look like at:
The Catalyst stock content thumbnail guide

The example above is loaded with varied shapes, colors and patterns. Yet another source of ideas.


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