V1.2.1 on roadhog - no more 'go', 'choose', shortcuts!

JayJayJayJay Registered User, Hog Beta
Just coming from a busk event.
Had a strange behaviour yesterday on my Roadhog4. This is the second time this happened (last gig also).

In the middle of the show while playing lights some functions of my desk were no longer useable.

I was not able to do:
1. choose (when pushing choose the button of the selected master was flashing.... All choose pushes on any master did flash while the 'original' choosen master was still set)
2. pig+release
3. go+
.... Wether on master section or fader
4. shortcuts for the pages (like open+0, open+1 and so on)
5. set
6. right click

Go- was playing! The touchscreen also worked fine so that i was able to change my views.

I thought a button was not released properly but that was not the case.
Restarting desktop didn't work. Also logOff and in didn't work.

Only restarting the console was the solution.

Does anybody discovered the same issue?
I guess i'm gonna re-fullinstall the console today.

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