HOG 4 working with ETC

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Recently was in a space that used NET3 Two Port Gateway. Is the only thing I need to do to hook into their system is plug a cat5 in the fixture slot on the board and patch what universe I want the equipment in?

Secondly, Power for moving lights going through a Unison Echo Relay Panel to turn all the moving lights on. They have an Avolites Diamond 4 that is already programmed to turn them on and when I plug in they have to turn the panel on to manual and flip all the individual breakers to on and off. Can I turn them to a non dim and put at 100% and Park?

Here are the links for the two products they have.


Let me know.


  • spcentralspcentral Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited August 2013
    If I remember correctly, NET3 is sACN, and you should be able to use the fixture link output from the H4 to output to the nodes.

    As for the second item...I want to say you should be able to do that and park them on...but using the manual feature is more reliable should the console crash, or the DMX hiccups, then you're not waiting a minute or two for the moving lights to reset.
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