Synchronized lighting to CD or MP3 playback

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I would like to synchronize a light show, to an audio track playback. Other programs have the ability to initiate mp3 or CD playback from the same [GO] button that triggers the associated cue stack. Not sure if it's that easy on the Hog 3PC. I have read up on the CD timecode option, and midi abilities, but it's still not that clear as to how to implement it. Seems like a pretty common request to sync lighting to a specific audio track.

My light program uses conventional Source 4's, strobes, and movers. I want to sync strobe flashes to thunder crashes, so split-second timing is crucial to making it look right. I'm hoping for a one-button solution to trigger the audio track and the start of the synchronized light show at the same time.

Anyone that has successfully done this, please weigh in with specifics.

Thanks so much.


  • Hans BHans B Registered User
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    What i should do is trigger the audio track on a separate Mac computer.

    Install Qlab (2ch audio is free version).
    Connect the computer to your Hog with a simple midi-usb device, like the Uno-one.
    In Hog enable the midi settings: setup->settings->midi
    In Qlab patch your midi device: preference ->midi

    Open your Cuelist, double click the macrocell of you lighting cue, enter a Midi Output string like: MSh1/9011f
    In Qlab load the audio file, open the Triggers tap, press Capture and fire you Cue.
    Now the Qlab captures the midi string and the next time you play you lighting cue, Qlab plays the audio track.

    You can adjust the time settings in Qlab to fine tun the effect.

    edit: to enable midi in Qlab you do need a licenses...
  • BrianCBrianC Registered User
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    Thanks Hans for the suggestion, but I'm not interested in bringing in additional computers and software, simply to sync an audio track to a Cue List. This functionality should be built into HOG 3PC. I mean seriously... Even DasLight can do this and that's cheap crap. Basically I was hoping for someone who had done it to explain the process.

    What I want is to be able to hit play (GO) on a Cue List and have it start my audio track (either from the CD ROM drive or preferably mp3), and then my Cue List does it's thing, in sync, either via timecode if from the ROM drive, or via Cue Timing if from an mp3. This is pretty basic. I shouldn't need an exotic timecode setup to sync a light show to an audio track.

    Suggestions? Thanks.
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
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    HOG3PC cant do it....
    So they only suggestion is what Hans said...

    Sad but true.
    So go for DasLight ;-)
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