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Show Database Init Failure When Wireless

I just recently ran into a problem with my network and I have not been able to solve it. I am running 2 Hog4 Servers (b 550) with 1 Superwidgets each. I have several wireless access points, 2.4ghz, each a different SSID and a different channel. When the console is wired, everything runs fine. I can physically plug into any of the wireless access points and it works fine with the console.

My network runs all staitic IPs at 10.10.2.X with Subnetmask of
Server, Console and Tablet are all Windows 7.

My tablet has been acting up lately, giving the dreaded "Show Database Init Failure" when trying to join. I wrote this off as some tablet issue. I recently uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled Hog4 to try and fix it, but got the same results on the tablet.

Now I am trying to connect with the PC console wirelessly to try and troubleshoot the tablet and have been getting the same error.

Any thoughts?



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    This will happen if you lose your signal (drops off) or is too weak to communicate.

    run anything show critical on WiFi. Only run clients for RFU, etc on WiFi so if they drop off the network your show keeps running without issue.

    If you are trying to keep two "Servers" running together used a wired connection only. WiFi is far too unreliable for this.

    Hope this helps. :)
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