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ChupippominkChupippomink Registered User
Hey, I was wondering if there is a way to make an effect that has pan/tilt on a sine wave, only cycle through one or two times. Right now every effect I make is continuous, But I sometimes only want them to go a couple times before quitting, is there any easy way to do this?




  • ChupippominkChupippomink Registered User
    edited July 2013
    Never mind I figured it out, N SHOT :D but I am also curious, how do you guys run your live shows? I'm just trying to get a feel for how people run things in the industry. Also, to keep lights continuously moving do you do it in the effects directory or do you record multiple cues with different positions that cycle through to give a moving effect. Just curious, thanks!

  • ChrisTallChrisTall Registered User, DL Beta
    edited July 2013

    If a Circle or Ballyhoo will do then I use the canned FX.
    If I desire a more specific effect path then a Chase of the desired Pan/Tilt positions.

    On either, hold down the Choose button and dial the speed on the encoders, or tap out the chase speed.
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