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I designed a nice event this year using Catalyst and DL-1s and have now moved on to become the creative director at a larger national company. I was so impressed with catalyst I intend to make it a common element in the shows for 2005.

I seem to recall that the ANSI of the DL1 was about 4500. Is that right?
What is it for the DL2?

This is an easy standard to equate for the AV and Video folks not so famliar with lighting.

I want to point out that HES was fantastic in support during the 2004 event year and especially with the many many questions on Catalyst that were important and landed one of the largest events seen in the market I was involved in.


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    First, thanks for the kind words about High End Support. We are very dedicated to our products and customers. In short, we are here when/if you need us.

    Second, here's the DL.1 F.A.Q with your question at the top. You are correct - 4500 Lumens.

    DL.1 Product FAQ

    Finally, DL.2 may use a newer projector version over DL.1. At LDI we showed one with a lumen rating several hundred higher than DL.1. Specs are not final and are subject to change. For more info see this post with link to info page distributed at LDI in October.

    May you have many continued successes with our products in the new year!

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