DL3 2008 HDD to SSD swap.

iwantssdiwantssd Registered User
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So, as you might now, HDDs are pretty hot (especially in device like this) and pretty fragile.
I want to swap from HDD to Intel 335 240gb SSD but I have one problem.
I was able to install software on SSD but after I restarted my DL3- only thing which shown up was an error message.
Has anyone had previous experience with SSD swap?
Is this a compatibility problem or just my curve hands?

Thanks for help,


  • schiefelsschiefels Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Hi Kristaps-

    Imaging with the recovery disk on a drive will only work if that drive was previously set-up at our production facility. Simply running that on a blank drive will not fully set it up. Additionally, you will not get the stock content library that comes with the DL.3s.

    The only drives that we support and allow in the DL.3s are the ones that we have approved and shipped with the fixture originally.

  • iwantssdiwantssd Registered User
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    Don't worry about content library- I have copied all contents previously.
    We have changed our HDDs to HDDs- everything worked flawlessly (we prapared those drives in the same way as the genuine DL.3 drives had).
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