Linked Cues & Forever Question

ZephonZephon Registered User
According to the manual, when a delay of "forever" is selected, a series of linked cues will loop "indefinitely until you press the Go key." Taking this at face value one would expect that at the press of the Go key, the loop would be exited and the next cue ensue. I find that this doesn't happen with the loop series I have created. In fact, nothing happens when the Go key is pressed...the loop continues to run. This created a dilemma for me...until I discovered that entering a wait time of 0s on the cue following the link will enable it to exit the loop and indeed Go to the next cue. Just curious as to if this is the correct way to do it...or did I miss something in the setup of the linked series of cues...or does the manual's instructions on linked cues, which fail to mention that little tidbit, leave a bit to be desired?


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited July 2013
    Did you check the options in your cuelist? There are several options available for press of GO while looping...
  • ZephonZephon Registered User
    edited July 2013
    Thank you for your response. I'm pretty new to any version of the Hog console and have a good tutor who is helping me out with things I don't understand, but even he was baffled by that one. It was actually he that had the thought of adding a wait time of 0s to the cue after the link. And that is doing the trick for me. To answer your question, yes, we checked that, and I believe those options are as they should be, but I will re-check just to be sure. It's just curious that the console doesn't respond as the manual says it should. We're working with the Hog 4PC, BTW. I have the same cuelist on a Hog 2PC and didn't have that issue.
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