Mousepad tripping out, jittering

ZachithZachith Registered User
Just want to see if anyone else has heard of this or had any related issue so I can see if it's my computer and drivers or Nano.

The mousepad on my computer will work fine, then I will plug in the Nano Hog and nothing else. The mousepad then gets really jittery and wont stay steady while I'm holding it down. It also effects the touchscreen for a minute as well. I will hold my hand on the screen and the computer acts like I'm touching all over it. Sound familiar to anyone?


  • michandrzmichandrz Registered User
    edited June 2013
    Idk about that, but I've noticed that is I try to adjust the intensity with a jog wheel and use the Mouse ball at the same time (not in control mode) it will make pan and tilt jump
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