DL2 CPU doesn't turn on automatically

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Hi. So the problem is that DL2 CPU doesn't turn on after the unit powered on. It starts only when pressing and holding 2 menues buttons. What's wrong with it? Unit motherboard type is ASUS P5B-VM. I suppose it may be coused by wrong BIOS settings, ain't it? Can you give me proper BIOS settings?


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    Hi Georgiy,

    Most likely the problem is bad BIOS settings as you said, and they are most likely caused by a dead motherboard BIOS battery. The battery is held in a black plastic socket and looks like a silver coin. You'll need to replace the battery with the same type (CR2032) and then reset the BIOS settings to the proper defaults.

    To do this:
    1) Connect a keyboard to the one of the back panel USB ports
    2) When the computer powers on and you see the HES logo, tap "delete" a few times to enter the BIOS
    3) Once in the BIOS, press the right arrow key on the keyboard until you reach the "Exit" menu
    4) On the Exit menu, select "Load Set Up Defaults". Confirm you answer
    5) Press F10 to save and exit.

    That should do it.

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