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We have a demo DL1 right now and are very excited about it and some of its capabilites. I was wondering, however, if it was possible to get a different lens installed into the projector that would provide a larger image size.

I've gone to Sanyo's website and done some research into the XP-45, and it does apperar that they offer different lens kits compatable with that projector. Can you physically get larger lenses installed (such as the Sayno model LNS-W31A) into a DL1? After taking some measurements, I'm gussing that the "standard" lens from Sayno is installed in the DL1, correct?


-Chris Wessels
Systems Engineer, Fiske Planetarium


  • mehrzad_moosavimehrzad_moosavi Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Hi Chris,
    you are correct. Standard lens is installed in DL1 and there are optional lenses available for xp-45. However, we are not supporting the optional lenses. The long throw lens assembly will decrease the output to 1950 lumens - 2960 lumens over the zoom range. This is due to the increased F number in Sanyo design by going to a longer throw lens system. The wide angle lens requires an iris and sheet metal change.
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