Odd cuelist behaviour HogPC 1.1.3

GordoGordo Registered User, Hog Beta
Hi there,

I've been noticing some odd cuelist behaviours with 1.13 and Nano4 attached.
- I've been running a dimmer chase on fader 1, then on faders 2 + 3 have odd/even dimmers respectively on an HTP and have been using the flash buttons for accents on top of the chase.
Sometimes one of these lists will not return to zero, but stay on at around 10%. I have also found with no flash buttons being pressed, that the chase on Fader 1 will only continue on the last group of dimmers "flashed" i.e. only odds or the venes

- A separate issue, which I assume would only manifest on the Nano is if I build an intensity stack say Cue 1 dimmer 1 @ Full, Cue 2 dimmer 2 @ Full etc, with the flash button selected to go on flash (Cue only is selcted).
In the first cue I have a fm2/100 (list is on Fader 2), when releasing the lash button, the intensity drops to 0 even when a fm2/100 is inserted into every cue
As stated, I assume on an actual console the physical fader would move to full on the first instance of the macro
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