LED color setting being overriden

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I operate a Hog3 at our church on weekends and ran into an issue yesterday that has me stumped. Pre-service, I was programming the cues for the day and I had set 6 LED pars to a specific color, but when the cue played back, the color was not the same. The values specified for the lights were those that I set while editing, but the color shown was clearly not what I set. I know this is pretty vague, but can anyone offer a suggestion at what might cause this behavior? Other cues which were pre-existing/leftovers, displayed the colors specified, but the new cues I added did not.

Also, is there somewhere in the guide or can someone explain to me the meaning of the different colors under the Intensity shown on the Output window? I suspect the color shown here, might be an indicator of what was happening. Sorry, I don't remember off-hand what they were at the time.


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    Hi, there are a couple of possibilities. First if you are confident the colors were recorded into the new cues, there may have been another editor window open which will override cues that are playing. If it happens again, try closing all of the windows such as cuelist, palettes etc and you may see an editor open behind other windows.

    The other possibility is the color did not get recorded into the new cues and the color is tracking from the previous cues.
    Starting on page 284 of the manual which you can find at the link below will explain the colors.

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