Changing Path on Tablet causes HogPC to Crash

barnes2000barnes2000 Registered User, Hog Beta
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Server Hog4 PC on Laptop
Client Hog4 Console
Remote Tablet Hog4 PC - Lenovo X60

I have no problems changing the cuelist path on the Hog4 console, but when I am using my tabletPC as a remote client, and I try to chnage the path, it freezes and ultimately crashes. The moment I double click or hit set in the Path cell of the cuelist is when the lock up happens.
I seem to recall this also happening with Hog3 PC.


  • Buzz313thBuzz313th Registered User
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    Nice find SB.

    On the second and third attempt to recreate what Scott mentioned I did get a crash to desktop.

    Asus Tower running H4PC b352 as server
    FB4 b352 as client
    Asus Laptop H4PC b352 as wireless client...

    And yes, the Asus laptop running Win8 is locking up and then a crash to desktop when tying to get into the set menu to change any cue path. The H4PC client won't allow me to get into the processes window to save the crash. After the CTD from H4PC, only the following H4PC processes are still running in Task Manager.

  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
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    yup its the same one and no one came back with any reason
  • jkemblejkemble Registered User, HES Staff
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    Hey guys, just a quick note that this is finally fixed. We were finally able to reproduce the issue in house and the fix will be in the next release. Thanks again for your patience!
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